Why am I not receiving a 6 digit code from Facebook?

Posted By Admin | 14 June 2021

Facebook plays a vital role in everyday life. There are a plethora of facilities offered by Facebook such as marketplace, media and others which allow users a scope through which they are able to have a global presence.

Now if you would like to change something or the other on your Facebook account, that you first need to authenticate yourself for the same. For authentication purposes, Facebook allows users to receive codes through which they are able to get access to their accounts or things that would allow them to process changes to their Facebook profiles.

Now the question is why is this so that some users are unable to receive a code from Facebook? There are certain things responsible for the same because of which Facebook users are not receiving a code from Facebook. The most common of the reasons are listed down under:

  • Mobile service provider at fault 

There are instances because of which the users are unable to get or receive the authentication codes that are sent by Facebook to verify the identities of the person trying to access the data and information of a particular account. 

The service provider who offers a connection to you may be at fault when it comes to receiving authentication codes on your registered mobile number at Facebook. So the best resort in such situations would be communicating with the service provider and allowing him/her the time to fix the issues. 

  • Waiting is the only feasible option. 

You could wait for a designated time period of 24 hours in order to receive a code from the professionals at Facebook. This way you will be able to raise your complaint at the Facebook grievances redressal forum to grasp a better understanding of the things that are interfering with your Facebook account as far as receiving authentication codes are concerned. 

How can I get my Facebook login code?

If you are wondering about how to receive the Login code at Facebook, then what follows next is surely going to help with the same.

Below mentioned are certain steps that are surely going to help as far as getting my Facebook login code is concerned. 

  • For receiving the login code the users can utilise the 6-digit text message for the same purpose.

  • The text or SMS will be sent to your mobile phone.

  • Get a security code from your code generator and proceed further.

  • On a compatible device, you are required to tap on the security key.

  • Click on the third party application that is running in sync with your Facebook.

  • Print the recovery code on your device and you are good to go.

I hope this helps with Facebook Not Sending Login Code. 

How do I get the 6 digit code for Facebook?

In order to receive a 6-digit code from Facebook, the users are required to stick to the following ways that are listed down under:

  • For receiving the 6-digit code, the users are required to enter or provide their mobile numbers for receiving the code through SMS. 

  • Once you have provided the number, wait for a while till the code drops in your phone. 

  • Upon receiving the code, enter the same where required and hit the ‘Submit’ option.


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