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Posted By Admin | 28 October 2021

How Do I Create an Ad on Facebook Step by Step?

Facebook ad is a significant feature and an excellent method allowing all users to increase their reach to find potential customers. However, the primary goal of the Facebook ad developer is to generate potentially qualified leads. Millions use this feature daily to develop the best ads on Facebook as there is a vast market available here. But, some are still confused about the process to create ads from your Facebook Page. They can perform this process through the online platform of Facebook or receive assistance from its support. They should learn more about it from the detailed process given here with precise details.

  • First of all, a user should launch the official Facebook website on their browser. Login to the account through the use of the official Username and Password of the Facebook account.

  • Visit the Facebook business page and click on the Ad Center option. It will open a new window where a user can initiate the process of generating Facebook ad for a business or individual.

  • Here, a user should click on Create Ad to enter the first stage of forming ads. A user is required to choose the ad type on Facebook from the given options (automatic ad, New ads create a Facebook ad and Boost a post).

  • Choose the type of goals (website visitors, more page likes, additional messages or Get more leads). After this, a user can add creatives for the Facebook ad start by adding a description.

  • Enable the button of Automatic engagement and select up to 5 media files from the Facebook page. Next, a user can select the button label and the URL a user needs to include.

  • Define the target audience properly by adding more and more details about them. Don’t forget to add the customer persona here including the age group and location.

  • Set the budget properly for the ads and examine the estimated days of running the ads and the users it will reach. To end this process, a user just needs to click on Promote now button and the ad will start running online.

Thus, any user can finish the task to generate Facebook ad with the use of a simple yet effective process mentioned above. A user can finish the task to create a Facebook ad by getting in touch with the valid and official customer service representative of Facebook. A user needs to finish this process by contacting its help center using the official phone number service or chatting with a representative.

How Can I Advertise on Facebook for Free?

Facebook has more than a billion users employing this service on various devices. Due to this large userbase, it is a lucrative option for many to generate qualified leads. Thus, many want to advertise on Facebook. But, they all have a simple query in which they are willing to learn more about whether they can do this task for free or they will be charged for it. Here, they need to learn these effective tips to advertise on the Facebook platform without any cost.

  • Accomplish it on the Facebook page: The basic motto of advertising is generating brand awareness. Here, a user needs to use its Facebook page (business or personal) and form a relevant post. Launch that on the page and let the Facebook users know about it organically.

  • Use the sharing method: Join several Facebook groups which are relevant to the niche of the product or service. Now, a user can share it and complete the Facebook Ads generation issue. This is a spectacular way of advertising on Facebook without any need to pay the extra charge for it.

  • Get in touch with Facebook:Contact the official and valid support team of Facebook and let them know about the motto behind the Facebook ad. If the terms and conditions of using Facebook allows, a user can receive a chance to run ads for free,

  • Create a relevant event: Generating an event and hosting on Facebook is a popular way of reaching prospects on Facebook. Collect invaluable popularity on Facebook and generate the brand awareness without getting charged for it.


Thus, it is clear that anyone can perform the task of achieving the branding goal for free on Facebook through the above tips. Those who are still facing any problem can immediately contact FB business support to provide the essential assistance. A user needs to get in touch with them either through the adequate use of a live chat method or by contacting them via call.


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