Steps to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account? A2Znumber

Posted By Admin | 22 June 2021

Facebook accounts play a significant role in having a presence over social media. When you face issues with your Facebook account,  it could be highly gruesome. To get you out of such situations,  we are here to provide assistance and help as far as recovery of a Facebook account got hacked and email changed, issue is concerned. All you are required to do is follow the inclusions of this paper until the end and without much further ado let us get straight into this.

What are the steps that one needs to take in order to perform recovery of their hacked Facebook account? 

Facebook account users are required to stick to the steps mentioned down under in order to perform recovery of a Facebook Account Hacked:

  • First and foremost, Facebook users are required to navigate to the following link

  • Once you are on the page, you will be able to spot a dialog box appearing in the middle of the page that reads ‘Report Compromised Account’.

  • On that dialog box, you will see another option that reads ‘My Account is compromised’. Click on that.

  • Once you have clicked on the ‘My account is compromised’ option, you will then be redirected to yet another page where another dialog box appears titled ‘Find your account’.

  • In this dialog box, you are required to enter your email address or the phone number associated with your Facebook account.

  • After entering the required details, you are then required to hit the ‘Search’ option. 

The recovery process that you have initiated is not quite instantaneous. It may take around several days for Facebook to recover your hacked account. This is the online process of recovering your hacked facebook account, if you are still confused and would like assistance on recovery of your hacked Facebook account, then it is highly suggested that you get in touch with an expert at Facebook. 

The professionals are ready to provide help and assistance to those who require it. There are other things that you could discuss with the customer service representatives at Facebook. The customer service professionals are available round the clock to provide assistance with Facebook related queries and problems.  In order to get in touch with the customer service and support professionals, users are advised to stick to the below mentioned ways that are as follows: 

  • Make a call 

Giving a call on the customer service support helpline number is one of the best ways to connect with customer support representatives that are available round the clock to provide assistance and support to the customer service representatives.

  • Drop an Email 

In order to get in touch with the customer service rep at Facebook, users may resort to dropping an email on the customer service email address. All you are required to do is compose an email, include all your queries and concerns and finally hit the send option. 
As a Facebook user if you are met with a Facebook account hacked and password changed issue, you are advised to visit the official Support community at Facebook to get assistance with your Hacked Facebook account.


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