How to Recover a Gmail Account Without a Recovery Phone Number or Email?

Posted By Admin | 28 May 2021

Gmail Account Recovery

How to Recover a Gmail Account Without a Recovery Phone Number or Email?

Losing access to a Google account can be very annoying when most of our accounts are linked to it. So, recovering a lost Google account becomes more important and requires immediate action. But what if a user does not have a recovery phone number or email to verify the Google account?

The Google users can still verify their Google account and recover it within no time. For this, they just need to follow a very simple recovery procedure. This procedure does not include verification through code. Verification in this procedure is done in a different way. To know the way of verifying a Google account without a phone number or email, you may read further.

Steps to Recover your Gmail account

  1. To recovery a Google account without recovery mail or phone number, the users first need to go to the Sign-in page.

  2. Now the users need to submit their Google account username to recover their account.

  3. The users of Google now need to hit the Next button.

  4. On the next page, users need to select the option Forgot Password. The will find it below the password space.

  5. Users now need to enter the last password of their Google account which they remember and move ahead.

  6. On the next page, users need to select the security question option to verify their Google account. 

  7. Now the users will have to answer the security questions carefully to complete the verification procedure.

  8. Google users will now be taken to the password reset page.

  9. Google users need to reset their Google account password here. They are required to set a strong password for their Google account. To make a password strong, users can use symbols, characters, and capital letters in the password.

  10. Now the users need to confirm their Google account password by entering the password again. After this, they need to save the changes.

By following this procedure, Google users can get back their accounts within no time. If the users still have this query, how can I recover my Gmail account? Then they can contact Google customer service for assistance. They can also get immediate assistance from a Google live person by requesting a connection with a live person. To connect with a Google live person, users can call on the customer service number of Google. They can also connect with a live person through chat. For more detail, Google users are requested to visit the contact page of Google.


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