How Can I Delete Virus from Computer Without Antivirus?

Posted By Admin | 29 May 2021

Delete Virus from Computer Without Antivirus

If a computer system gets affected due to the virus. It becomes really important for us to make up for an antivirus set up in our device so that the condition does not degrade. Virus hampers our files and data and we end up losing them. It also hampers the speed of your device, because of this, it fails to function properly. To prevent this kind of malfunctioning of the system it is very important for us to purchase an antivirus key that is usually very costly in the market to afford. Also, it comes with a valid expiration date. This is where the hacks come into play.  You must be very keen to learn about the possible methods to remove virus from computer without Antivirus. In this article, you will know about the ways in which you can protect your device from viruses even without purchasing an antivirus key.

Possible processes to remove virus from the system without having antivirus

There are a lot of methods using which you can easily remove virus from your system even without having an antivirus. Read the below-mentioned points to get all the knowledge regarding the same.

Finish the virus-related processes in the task manager 

First of all, you need to press Ctrl + Shift + Delete if you need to open the Task Manager. Afterward, you need to that you will find to be listed in the window out of which you can select any and familiar processing programs that you need to confirm. Once the confirmation of the virus-related program is done successfully, you need to click on the option of end task so that you can stop it from infecting your device.

By disabling the strange process from Windows startup

In this method, you are required to open the system configuration to visit the startup tab. On scrolling down you need to select all the programs which are associated with unknown manufacturers and at the end, you need to click on disable.

Switch on the windows defender firewall

On the first note, you are supposed to click on the control panel where you will find the option of Windows Defender firewall that you need to turn on. On checking the boxes of the same, you need to click on the ok button to confirm the process. 

By removing the virus and Virus threat protection in Windows Defender

The first move is to click on the windows icon to select settings which will redirect you to the page of update and security. Then you need to click windows defender security center on the windows security section. You will find the option of virus and threat protection on the new window that you need to visit. You need to turn on the three options which are: real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, automated sample submission. You can find all the options there easily.

Removing the existing virus from the system with the use of virus and threat protection

In this process, the first step is to visit the settings and click on update and security to go to the page of Windows security. After work, you need to click on virus and threat protection. It will be clearly shown in the thread history section that you need to click on scan now in the event if you want to remove the viruses of your computer.

All the above methods can be used to remove virus from computer without even availing the facility of anti-virus. You can use these methods to make the functioning of your computer systems smoother and faster. Try the above methods and enjoy a virus-free experience with your computer systems. 


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