Can I get in touch with Facebook business (ADs) support

Posted By Admin | 23 October 2021

How do I get in touch with Facebook business support?

Today everyone knows Facebook; all age groups use it. Facebook is not limited to a casual social connection only, but it's also used for a wide range of business purposes. If you have any questions, queries, etc., you can use its various options to connect to Facebook. Let's go into detail and check out the possible ways to get in touch with Facebook.

Various ways to contact a Facebook representative

With its increasing popularity, Facebook also has the responsibility to take care of its user's satisfaction and queries. That is the reason Facebook offers several options given below to reach out to its users.

  • Phone call: You can call the Facebook helpline number to get the solutions to your queries. Facebook customer representatives are user-friendly and intelligent enough to solve your queries.
  • Email support: You can send an email to Facebook to share your experience, feedback, compliment, etc. The email support takes 24 hours to get a response from Facebook agents.
  • Via Chat: If you have a Facebook business account and want to connect the Facebook via chat, you are lucky enough to use the service. Facebook doesn't provide chat support for its standard users.
  • Facebook Community: You can join the Facebook community to get answers to your queries. Facebook experts run the Facebook community, and getting answers from them gives you the best solutions.
  • Social media: You can also join Facebook social media handlers to get the latest updates and information. You can also post your query on the Facebook social media pages if you have any.

Using the information above, you can get in touch with Facebook business support anytime. Now, let's understand in detail how to connect Facebook business support via call.

Connect live person at Facebook business support via call

To connect with Facebook business support via call, you can follow the instructions given below.

1.      Dial the Facebook helpline number first

2.      Listen carefully to the OC-prompt call instruction, which is given below

  • Choose 2: for any law and enforcement related query
  • Choose 3: for advertisement and business-related issues
  • Choose 4: for marketing related information
  • Choose 5: For queries related to Press
  • Choose 6: For issues related to employment verification
  • Choose 7: If you have to connect with a Facebook live person
  • Choose 0: To speak to a Facebook live person

As per the instructions given above, press 7 to contact Facebook representatives; once connected, you can resolve your queries related to business, account recovery, ad, etc. If due for some reason, you find it difficult to connect Facebook via call, you can use the chat process below to reach out to Facebook.

Contact Facebook via chat support.

As Facebook doesn't provide chat support for standard users, you can use your business account to connect with Facebook via Chat. To access the chat option, stay connected and read the steps below.

  1. Open the Facebook login page on your devices
  2. Login to your business account using the credentials
  3. Now locate the customer support page there
  4. On the customer support page, you will get various troubleshooting links and information
  5. In case your queries lie there, you can go through it else, you can use the tab Still need help
  6. On the new help page, you will get several contact options, locate the chat option, Click on it to start chatting

Using the above steps, you can chat with Facebook for a business account anytime. You can also contact Facebook ads support by login into your Facebook business account and visiting the customer's support page. You can also email the Facebook support page if required by going through the following information.

How to email Facebook business support?

You can email Facebook if you have to share a complaint, feedback, etc., by going through the instruction here.

  1. Login in to your Facebook business account using credentials
  2. Locate the contact us page and then click on the link; still need help.
  3. After you open the link still need help, you will get several options to reach out to Facebook.
  4. Choose the email option, click on it; you may also get a form-like structure to fill in your details and submit.
  5. once the Facebook representative reviews your form, they will contact you via email soon

You can get in touch with Facebook anytime using several options given above. You should also explore the customer's support page that includes various troubleshooting links and information.


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